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Tired of picking up farquing web VD using Internet Exploder?

Wearing the skin off of your fingers crossing them every time you do something in Windoze?

Is your brain gooey from Windoze GUI?

Tired of other bastids farquing around in your computer doing things you don't know squat about?

Family, room mates, neighbors complaining that you know more dirty words than George Carlin and Howard Stern put together?

Do you watch old footage from missile cameras and picture a particular building in Redmond in the crosshairs?

Does your virus scanner (you do use one, right??) cough up virus names longer than the ingredients in your shampoo?

Does your operating system (the epitome of oxymorons when Windoze is involved) generally drive you knucking futz?

If you have been able to keep your system from pooping all over itself long enough to read this, you need Linux!!! Newbies Linux is just the place for you! You are among friends who understand your plight, and want to make life pleasant once again.

With Linux, you can surf all the sites you want without fear of Buffy in the buff popping up and strutting herself in front of your six year old while he is learning with Reader Rabbit.

Plus, in time your six year old should forget most of those four through six letter words you used to use.

You can then put the word "pissed" back strictly as a past tense word used in conjunction with relieving one's bladder.

Once again, you will think of beautiful mountain scenery when the word "vista" is mentioned instead of wanting to kill a computer for the sins of its operating system.

Linux is much more secure and stable than Windows by its nature. Come and peruse Newbies Linux, and we can help you have your computer and software working for you.

Can't find what you're looking for? Please visit the Newbies Linux Forum for friendly, personalized (and free, no strings attached!!) help. It is our mission to see that you feel completely at home with Linux.

I will guarantee that this site is as accessible as I can possibly make it. If you have information that will make this site more accessible, please tell me at johncfish@johncfish.com.